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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Maddies Story

Before writing about the ride back to Melbourne overland, I would like to write about a remarkable young woman that I was lucky to meet in Moree. I say lucky because, if she hadn't had a successful bone marrow transplant, I would not have had the honor of meeting her. I asked her if she would send me a story of her ordeal, which she has done and I have posted it here, as she has written it.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brisbane and the ride to my Friends in Maleny

I rode blindly into Brisbane and fortunately turned off at the right turn off that led me underneath the Story Bridge near Kangaroo Point, a notorious place for homeless people. I have to say the sky scrapers were not so ostentatious as other cities and had a beauty to them from the park where I had stopped.

Urunga to Southport Point

I raced off from Urunga and only stopped in Coffs Harbour to access the internet in the library. It was by accident that I spent little time there, as I just headed out from yje library to the highway without much thought to a visit. Maybe it was fatigue, so I decided to compensate by detouring to a lookout north of the landmark. It took me through a park area to a suspended lookout platform that afforded spectacular views of the harbour and the coast line

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Boomerang Bay to Urunga

I left the Lake at the back of Boomerang Bay in darkness, which I swore I wouldn't do, rpding at night, that is., but I was determined to find some semblance of civilisation for the night. It had turned a little cold and the fog was forming on the lake to the side of the road and was misting up my glasses making visibility against oncoming headlights very por. I eventually arrive tin Forster which is the entrance to the lakes that were sitiing to the west of the road and was quick to find the local hostelry. I also found the local information office that was suitable for a nights sleep under cover of the canopy that is afforded to most Australian buildings

The view from the coffee shop at Forster towards my hotel

Sydney to Boomerang Bay without coming back

After spending the morning in Bondi updating blogs shopping for a pair of shoes in Salvos the charity shop run by the Salvation Army, I eventually headed down to the Opera House for a photo shoot. For some reason my picture of the bike under the bridge never happened, though I thought I had pulled the trigger. Fortunately I have the one with the opera house.